IO.1 M400 . WOMEN Long Sleeve CROSSLEVITATE BLACK.Bioceramic Energy Recover Technology.

Powered by ION-ONE® Bioceramics Fusion® (Bioceramic infrared) a contemporary and modern design. T-shirt CrossLevitate compression-one is a garment for any activity that requires better postural control and a great mimicry with upper body. Elegant and tight, lightweight, this garment strengthens the muscles of the upper body, shoulders, chest and arms. The gradual compression promotes action before, during and after exercise. Flatlock seams reduce muscle vibration, very comfortable and ergonomic. Breathable, providing a vent that gives a feeling of freshness. Perfect to be used alone or as undergarment silky touch.

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IO.1 M400 . WOMEN Long Sleeve CROSSLEVITATE BLACK.Bioceramic Energy Recover Technology.

With a setting of gradual compression combination of modern design, innovation and comfort for the day or sports activities with gradual compression. Flatlock seams reduce muscle vibration allowing constant maintenance of muscles during exercise.

High quality and comfort. Flat seams. High waist to enhance your silhouette, very comfortable and ergonomic, complete freedom of movement with perfect fit to prevent movement of the garment and keep your figure, bringing a mimicry to your whole body. Breathable, ventilation which gives a feeling of freshness. A good touch.4-Way Stretch (elastic 4-way) . It will benefit you with its ideal comfort in your daily life or in your sports activities in endurance and recovery from exercise.

Thanks to the technology applied in our tissues through our BioceramicsFusion® (Bioceramics), which captures the far infrared (FIR. Infrared Technology) so as to stimulate our body. This garment with its gradual compression allows you to recover from your stressful job, their training, their travels, and offers you a muscular relief. Maintenance of body temperature through thermoregulation of the body creating an ideal environment for relaxation. The effect is the distribution of heat from the body in various fields of action which feels the need.

Tissue 88% PES. Polyester BioceramcsFusion®
12% EA. Elasthane Lycra Sport®


Our clothes are not intended to cure or replace any medication, only one study of various physiological phenomena. The real benefits that are far infrared, which, through clothing, allows us to attract these effects by improving the absorption of body condition through the fabric. Especially recommended for active sportsmen of daily muscular effort or simply for the comfort and well-being in everyday life:

• Improves performance in general.
• Improve and increase oxygenation.
• Improves blood circulation.
• Improving post-workout recovery.
• Co helper fat oxidation.
• Strengthens more balanced stance
• Relieves muscle / postural aches
• Improves muscle tone
• Reduces the risk of injury
• Antibacterial treatment (anti-odor)
• Treatment of breathable fabric

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